Checking in with yourself!!


With everything happening right now- It’s easy to feel unsettled, losing focus,                                                 neglecting #1!!

Unfortunately what comes with distractions, is a lack of clarity within ourselves. Trying to function without a clear mindset, can feel very overwhelming!

Keeping on top of everything, ensuring your mind’s where it needs to be - can be easier than you think??

Documenting how we feel, daily/weekly/monthly. Keeps us interconnected, and aware of where we’re at. Sounds simple enough! Which it is! Though a lot of us neglect this basic practice, resulting in us neglecting ourselves!

Try this free 7-day guide I’ve put together - to use on yourself. Try to complete a full week, in an honest self assessment! You’ll be surprised how much of a release it can be, if you’re new to this method! See if there’s a trend on how you’re thinking about certain questions? This could be an indication that there’s something out of balance, underlying. 


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