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Originally from Australia where I commenced my coaching career & completed my undergraduate degree over 10- years ago. I've since worked, & lived across the world encompassing an array of cultures, professional experiences, and opportunities. Working with so many unique personalities, across a range of disciplines over the years, absorbing these experiences has granted me the understanding & presence of mind - which enables me the opportunity to help & share very grounding philosophies to make a positive impact on one's life. Which is truly something I cherish. 

Residing in West London - where I've been based for over 6+ years. I've been coaching clients both here domestically, & internationally via online platforms. Incorporating a very simple, but extremely effective ethos, work from the inside out!


Identifying what has been preventing you from your fullest potential. incorporating an individual strategy to target the core, build upon, and take with you once you decide you are ready. 


Your wellbeing needs to be the underlying most important factor in your life- in order to feel confident, balanced, at ease with where your mindset's at. But above all happy with who you are, where your at, and know which direction you'd like to move in next!


With the correct - willing attitude, working together we'll succeed in helping you achieve exactly what you desire. Which ever area your longing for heightened success & richer rewards in your life. That be personal relationships, professional career goals, or the relationship with yourself! Applying your strengthened & refocused mindset!

"I'll provide you with the tools

   to take control of your life!


Direct it anywhere you envision!"

  • Personal Coaching (1 to 1)              In Person, or Virtual

  • Business Consulting (Mental Health)

  • Elite Performance/Team Building - Corporate Training 

  • Keynote Speaking Bookings

  • Well Being & Lifestyle Overhaul

  • Personal Strategy Implementation

  • Wellness Coaching



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  • Master Coach (NLP)

  • Dip Life Coaching

  • Dip Hypnotherapy 

  • Resilience Practitioner (Psychology)

  • Master Trainer  (Cert III & V) Fitness

  • Bachelor of Journalism - Minor: Communication

"Ben was incredibly in-tune with what strategies I needed, and what I'd been failing to see! 

Together we came up with a precise plan of action which was invaluable for me. Not only to regain my self confidence, but to achieve the results I needed with my business! Thaaaank you!!" 

                         Andrea xo


              Ian Sealey's review-

"Ben is a good listener and encourages you to reach your goal. He pushes you to your limits and wants to get results for his clients . Ben is easy going easy to talk to and just a real nice guy. I also really look forward to my sessions I have with Ben. The sessions are always varied and always interesting and always challenging. I just love it. Thanks Ben for being a good coach" 


"Ben is highly recommended, very committed and extremely professional. He trains my father, myself and my husband and manages to make each session interesting and somehow it is never a chore. I have been training with Ben for 8-months now and  I find myself very focused!"

Kate W.

Ben Milne Coaching
Ben Milne Coaching

Client Transition

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Ben Milne Coach
Ben Milne Coach

Wellbeing Overhaul

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Ben Milne Coaching - key note speaker
Ben Milne Coaching - key note speaker

In Asia- speaking during an international Wellness Event

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Ben Milne Coaching
Ben Milne Coaching

Client Transition

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           "I'll instil a tougher


            resilient mindset."

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