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Allow me to introduce myself a little more..

I'm Ben Milne

Bestselling author, international wellbeing coach, speaker & broadcaster..

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Originally from Australia where I commenced my coaching career & completed my undergraduate degree over 15- years ago. I've since worked, & lived in the UK, Europe, and Asia, encompassing an array of cultures & teachings


With our wellbeing needing to be the underlying most important factor in our life - in order to feel balanced, confident, & happy with where we're at. Knowing which direction we’d like to move in next - can only come from Inner peace, that is present when living a complete & fulfilled life.

This gifts rich rewards, gratitude, & a true sense of self worth that resembles alignment of the mind, body, & spirit..

However getting to this place of personal enlightenment, takes self work, time, & creating individual guiding posts that keep us in check,

along the way.

Feeling incredibly in-tune with exactly who I am, & what my mission consists of! Sharing what I've devoted a large portion of my time into learning - It rewards me with immense fulfilment,

that I cherish.


Building upon every day, and teaching back to anyone ready to explore the most precious parts of their journey with complete openness.

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"until our wellbeing is optimal, we won't ever be able to make the best decisions for ourselves, or for those who rely upon those decisions at any given moment"

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After reaching a place in my life where I felt lost, confused, & angry - being unable to see any clear pathway to where I longed to be, felt horrible! 

Growing up in broken home environments, I'd never taken the required time to observe inwardly, & recognize what was missing. Not having the guidance to show me how to pivot, & prosper from any situation. 

Knowing I could create & attract a life filled with success, love, & acceptance for the past.

​Starving for change, I took it upon myself to begin searching & discovering what I'd needed all along. I began to understand myself at different levels, applying an arsenal of wellbeing skillsets, mindset tools, & proven methods. My inner work gave me with what I'd needed -  

An unshakable self confidence, acceptance, &
 self love. Presenting me with the inner most sacred gift - a journey I was proud of.


Understanding the impact this has, teaching what had transformed my life - I've since worked in different countries, spoken on stages, & coached people from all walks of life. 

Working with many unique personalities in multiple disciplines over the years - has granted me a rich understanding for the openness to understand our unique differences individually speaking.

Respecting my learnings & experiences on their own merits, enables me to make a positive impact on one's life. Which is something I’m passionate about & grateful for, as I continue to explore personally and live by sharing with others..

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I'll show you how to show up for

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